Company card


Company name: Akton Telecommunication Engineering d.o.o.
Registered office: Dunajska cesta 9, 1000 Ljubljana
Company registration number:  5372798
VAT number:  SI62419919
Tax number: 62419919
Court registration number: 1/06892/00, District Court of Ljubljana
Date of court registration: 24.4.1990
Founding capital: 4.915.685,55 EUR 
Transaction account:

Banka Sparkasse d.d,
Cesta v Kleče 15
1000 Ljubljana
IBAN SI56 3400 0101 7717 380

Nova Ljubljanska banka d.d.
Trg republike 2
1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 0208 5001 3245 424

Addiko Bank d.d.
Dunajska cesta 117
1000 Ljubljana
IBAN: SI56 33000 0008522023

Telephone: +386 1 2362 900
Company type: Limited liability company
Founders: Atel Europe B.V., Jan van Goyenkade 8, 1075HP Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Number of employees:  70 (on 31.12.2021)
Dun & Bradstreet (D&B): 552800161
Main registered activity: 61.900 Other telecommunications activities

Top priorities 2022-2027

1. Preserve the PO reliability of services
Akton provides the arranged level of service reliability on the market and is rewarded by a high level of customer loyalty.

2. Customer-oriented
Akton is flexible in meeting customer needs and providing tailor-made services.

3. Competitive offer
Our mastery of both traditional and the latest telecommunication technologies, our own network, our own licences and local presence allow us to prepare offers with the best possible price-performance ratio.

4. A one-stop shop
Our excellent insight into the local situation, our own network and our own licences provide our customers with a one-stop shop for a range of services everywhere in the region.

5. Increase synergies between subsidiaries
Define and develop common business processes and establish standardised communication channels for all the companies in the Akton Group.

6. Increase the ability to implement
Develop sales and technical competences to the highest level and establish knowledge transfer across the region.

7. Ensure financial stability
Achieve the planned revenue growth targets in all countries, while keeping costs within budget.

Our vision

To become the preferred telecommunication services partner!

Our mission

Connecting the Adriatic to the word.

Our values

Trust and integrity. Regardless of everything, we always act in accordance with our basic ethical values and principles.

Quality commitment.
We deliver high quality and continually raise the quality standards.

Result-oriented approach.
We strive to achieve positive and concrete results and are always searching for ways to improve our long-term results.

We are continually active and yet are still able to find additional energy to achieve the biggest goals.

We know our own values and honour the values of others.

There are no limits. We always think outside the given parameters in order to find even better and more effective solutions.

Social responsibility

At the AKTON Group, we consistently adhere to the fundamental principles of corporate social responsibility. We see social responsibility as a commitment to engage with the environment in which we operate. We strive to do business in a way that enables all our stakeholders to feel our spirit and our high social standards. 

Employee Care
We operate in a high-tech industry in which progress can only be made with highly motivated and dedicated people who use their knowledge and experience to win every day in their field. Every employee is important to Akton, which is why we work together to build a culture of mutual trust, respect, effective cooperation and teamwork. We are learning on the job and making sure we are responsible and efficient at work and towards the environment.

Akton provides its employees with various professional training courses and participation in international forums and conferences and, as a result, ensures the personal growth and advancement of each individual.

Time permitting, we organise an annual picnic for all employees and their families, because they are part of our company, and we are part of them. Every year-end, during the Christmas holidays, the children of our employees are also rewarded for their understanding of their parents' absence by a visit from Santa Claus, who presents each of them with a gift.

Business Partners
Akton recognises that satisfied business partners are a key factor in today's competitive environment. That is why our guiding principle is: Providing value-added services tailored to the needs of individual clients. We recognised some time ago that the key to successful business cooperation is a commitment to long-term mutual benefit for both partners. That is why we do not sell services to our partners; we create new added value for them and, together, we become a winner on the international market. Working closely with each business partner, we try to find a solution that is a winning combination of quality and price. We systematically monitor and improve the quality of our services and products.

Our activities and business are focused not only on delivering quality solutions, but also on providing solutions that are environmentally and socially friendly. All employees in all departments recycle waste and use reusable packaging in their work. 

We have organised all our processes to minimise the use of paper and printers in our business. All internal communication and some archived documents within the Akton Group are based on electronic, tree-friendly platforms. We take the same approach with partners who facilitate this type of cooperation.

At Akton, we know that statistically, someone needs blood every five minutes! We support the fundamental idea “Every blood donor is a hero”. We support everyone who opts for this noble act. We are extremely proud of all employees who are voluntary blood donors.

Throughout the year, donor and sponsorship funding is given to various humanitarian interest groups and individuals, depending on our capacity. We are focused on long-term projects with which we can achieve the best results and help more people in need. At Akton, we greatly appreciate and support the work and efforts of all those who help children and others in society.