Our state-of-the-art international network with its unique geographical presence (micro location) allows you to reach your clients directly in the most cost-efficient way, with the least waste of time and effort. What’s more, Akton has its own fibre metro network (plus capillarity), connecting all prominent business centres, industrial areas and shopping malls in the Adriatic Region. Countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bulgaria and Albania are now closer than ever.

If you need Voice, SMS, IP or powerful data services in the Adriatic region, please talk to us. With its extraordinary capacity, high flexibility and wide connectivity, Akton's Adriatic network offers the perfect choice for all your requirements.

Transferring large amounts of data between locations requires a flexible and reliable network that simultaneously provides the necessary bandwidth. Our network is designed and managed to ensure the least downtime.

We have created a network for the next century. We thought about the future. The Adriatic network was designed to provide and guarantee superior services without compromising on quality

In addition to our 24/7/365 support centres, quality is also guaranteed by our Service Management Centre, which controls every service provided.


The perfect solution for the Adriatic region
A comprehensive range of business data services suitable for both local organisations and for multinational corporations, which includes IP and IP VPN services, Security services and Services managed networks and IPLC - international private leased lines.

Service Level Agreements from our global dataset provide you with effective measures and allow us to provide the expected high level of services across the entire network.


Our Adriatic points of presence
We provide our customers with a secure and reliable service based on the fibre network. There is at least one Akton PoP in each country of the Adriatic Region. In total Akton has 6 local PoPs and 86 local Nodes (43 optical & 33 MW nodes) connecting all major business buildings & locations.

Unique coverage and onsite technical support enables us to add value to your business. 


International points of presence
Connect to one of our international points of presence and take advantage of our modern Adriatic backbone network.

Akton's Adriatic network can be reached via the international points of presence in Frankfurt (Germany) and Vienna (Austria).